Part-time Ultrasound Technician (RVT/RVS)

Компанија: USA Vein Clinics
Вид на работа: Скратено работно време

As an Ultrasonographer you would perform vascular ultrasound examinations of a patients lower extremities (and other studies as needed) while balancing the needs of patients and maintain efficient work flow of the office. In addition, you would ensure that the patient has an excellent service experience.
Perform ultrasound examinations of patients to create a Venous Flow Map for purposes of recommending a safe, effective treatment plan.
Assist the Physician in explaining the treatment plan to the patient and how that treatment plan addresses the patient's specific needs.
Set up and clean-up the procedure rooms, exam rooms and ultrasound rooms before and after each patient
Perform all additional ultrasound examinations as required by the treatment plan determined by the Physician to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and safety of the patients.
Adhere to the standard time allotments for each type of ultrasound exam in order to maintain the efficient flow of patients during the course of the scheduled day.
Working with the office staff, administrative staff and Physicians to review the ultrasound schedule to ensure availability of ultrasound technicians to provide excellent and timely patient care and safety, and to maintain the patient load at an efficient and productive level.
Develop and maintain quality of work and skills to comply with the standards of care set by the company through continued education and interaction with other Ultrasound Technologists.
Maintain equipment and manage the supply inventory to ensure continued and effective operations.
Certificate of Completion from an accredited Ultrasound program.
Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT / RVS).
Cultural sensitivity and excellent patient care skills.
Ability to work well in a high volume, fast paced environment.
Ability to multitask, prioritize effectively, and work as part of a team.


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