Hanna's House

Компанија: Hanna's House
Вид на работа: По договор
Индустрија: Здравствена заштита

8855 Haven Ave. Suite #200, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


Hanna's House is a foster, adoption, and Transitional Foster Care (TFC) agency focused on providing safe and nurturing homes for children. Committed to family preservation and permanency, we empower at-risk families through culturally sensitive education, therapeutic services, and unwavering support

Hanna's provides:

·   Spanish & English Staff
·   Adoption Services
·   Foster-Finding Services
·   Family Counseling
·   Support Services

Hanna's House is a leading foster, adoption, and Transitional Foster Care agency committed to providing safe, loving homes for children, including unaccompanied undocumented minors. We focus on family preservation and reunification, offering extensive support to our foster families. This includes training, educational programs, therapeutic services, and essential supplies like clothing, food, and crisis intervention. Our bilingual staff ensures every family feels valued. Join us in empowering communities and fostering lasting change. Hanna's House is not just an agency; it's a movement and a family.


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