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Why Do You Need Industrial Security Services?

Lawbreaking criminals often target industrial and warehouse sites because of their remote location and value of assets on site. Due to the sheer size of these sites, it can be difficult to maintain security controls without professional help.  This is where we can help. Pinnacle Protection is a specialist provider of logistics, warehouses and industrial security services across Australia. 

Our security guards can cover the security needs of any industrial or warehouse facility. We have licensed security guards that can perform mobile patrol services on-site, monitor CCTV including CCTV camera installation, respond to emergencies and set alarms. We also place numerous overt messages to deter trespassing at these sites. 


Overview of Logistics, Warehouses, & Industrial Security Services

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV camera installation is an essential part of security for big sites like warehouse so that everything is monitored and recorded. This will help in keeping an eye on everything.

Access Control

Pinnacle Protection provides with access control which will give the employees access cards so that there is no unauthorized access to your warehouses or industrial sites.

Alarm Response Services

Our alarm response services are tailor made for a diverse range of clients. We provide you with alarm systems that are monitoring 24/7 and if any uncertainty arises the officials, security guards and emergency teams are notified about it.

Security Fencing

We provide security fencing around the site with warning signs placed near the fences to send direct any potential criminals away from the site.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way of maintaining an overt security presence and provide peace of mind. Our alarm response and mobile patrol help secure your warehouses even more with regular patrols throughout the day and night.

Security Plan

There is a need of a proper security plan for such large scale industrial and warehouse sites. Pinnacle Protection helps you give devise a proper security plan that will secure your business throughout the year.

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