Regulatory Toxicologist (Human Health) - Europe

Bedrijf: Troy Chemical Company BV
Type werk: Full-time

This position is accountable for human health risk assessment for acquiring and maintaining registrations (e.g. BPR, REACH) in Europe Human health risk assessment to support any relevant registrations to support the sales and marketing of new and existing Troy products in Europe by ensuring compliance with EEA and country specific legislation. Development, review, supervision and coordination of toxicological in vitro, in vivo and in silico studies required for European registration of Troy products. Conduct and/or coordinate ED assessments according to the ECHA/EFSA criteria Coordinate with U.S Corporate Headquarters on meeting the EU and/or global regulatory requirements for all Troy active substances, biocidal products as well as additives. Work with European staff on the maintenance and development of Safety Data Sheets meeting European requirements (e.g. EU REACH (EC 1907/2006), EU CLP (EC 1272/2007) and related regulatory frameworks). Develop and maintain data management syste...


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