Senior C#/C++ software engineer

Bedrijf: Yacht Nederland BV
Type werk: Full-time

Main characteristics: Designs Controller platform features on function/subsystem level conform the departmental and project procedures and documentation,coding, test and verification guidelines. The job entails responsibility for independently organizing reviews of this design with colleagues, in addition to those with the architect/designer. It is expected that the senior SW engineer takes initiative to realize sprint goals together with his/her fellow software engineers in the development team. Project context: The Controller platform is part of a Canon multifunctionalprinter/copier/scanner and handles all generic platform activities on the Canon multifunctional, e.g. OS, drivers, libraries, security, usermanagement, system access, peripherals. These platform activities arepart of the engine's so-called Controller software, which in its turnhandles all logistic behavioural and storage processes of the Canon multifunctional. Key areas of responsibility: - Responsible for the design...


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