Hire youre own Master Real Estate EURO 2500 all inn

Type werk: Contract
Salaris: 2.500 EUR/Jaarlijks
Salaris notities: Fixed fee, no depending on the price of the buying property.
Branche: Grondbezit & Vastgoed
Regio/buurt: Malaga Marbella

I am Pieter (Master RE), an independent and very experienced in international real estate. Only specialized in private and exclusive buying assistence.

In mainly the south of Spain (Costa del Sol, Malaga-Marbella-Estapona ). 

You can hire me

-to assist you with buying and searching

-as an advisor for real estate investment cases. 

-for cases when you have some doubts or does not know what to do. 

-second opinon

Don't hesitate to call me or send an e-mail.

We can talk freely, discrete and without costs.  

My fee is fixed (not depending on the price of the property) and i want the half in advance at the start. ( not each year)

Pieter Van Groenewoud
Geplaatst door:
 Pieter Van Groenewoud

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