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Firma: decofice
Jobbtype: Contract
Salary: 30 000 INR/Month
Salary notes: it depends on how you are joining you can join as contract, permanent, part time etc.
Industri: Construction

Joining decofice as an Interior Designers in Bangalore and Pan India will give you so many perks. You can increase your digital presence and find new clients, which boosts business! Decofice is an online marketplace where architects in the construction industry collaborate by providing all tools that they need to be successful in today's fast-moving world of technology-driven design projects. It has never been easier than now because we're here leading this disruption through our collaborative platform, which connects professionals looking toward future innovation.
What's more, joining Decofice will also give you:
- A unique profile page to showcase your work and services
- Access to our vast client base.
- The ability to create a custom portfolio
- Increase in business and revenue growth and much more


Why choose decofice to join as an Interior Designers in Bangalore and Pan India?​

Decofice is a collaborative marketplace for the construction industry most reliably and efficiently possible. Leading towards the next normal in construction.
It’s a platform which brings construction-related professionals to a single platform where they can collaborate on a project, from approvals to designing to execution to handover of the project to the client. It’s a one-stop solution destination for the clients to find professionals and for procurement of a range of construction materials and interior decors to build their dream residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects at the ease of their homes hassle-free.


Decofice is a platform where all professionals associated with the construction industry are present. You can collaborate with different professionals and get exposure to many new projects. Your digital presence is boosted, and finding new prospectus clients have become very easy. We give you targeted reach within the community of clients where people want tobuild residential, commercial and hospitality projects. You get direct access to this community, where you get an opportunity to showcase and get new projects. Decofice also provides all kinds of tools and technology like advanced Project Management tools, absolutely for free.

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