IAM Engineer

Firma: ATPCO
Jobbtype: Full-time

Job Description
As an Identity and Access Management Engineer, you will take part in a project with multiple phases to help build a frictionless customer self-service portal and be responsible for how users within an organization are given an identity and how it is protected, which includes securing critical applications, data, and systems from unauthorized access while managing the identities and access rights of people both inside and outside the organization. This position will require you to work with ATPCO's APIs, these services remove the complexity of interpreting industry data apps and ensure accurate and targeted delivery of requisite information by industry systems, allowing airlines and industry systems to focus on building solutions that enhance their revenues and react to market changes in a timely manner.
You Will:
Build a frictionless customer self-service portal, which has an early road map project with a long runway
Work with internal and external stakeholders to deliver customer-initiated projects
Develop secure, remote, reliable access to our customer portal
Protect data assets, implement processes, tools, and standards in order to run the business intelligently
The Ideal Candidate:
Is eternally curious and passionate about secure, reliable, and fast software
Wants to learn new programming languages to support solving problems
Enjoys white boarding ideas, writing code, and removing obstacles
Possesses excellent troubleshooting skills with networking and computer systems
Experience with IAM and the operation of identity and access processes and controls for active directory, email, and collaboration platforms and cloud-based solutions
Experience with Go, C ++, Rust, Scala, Python, Perl or similar
Previous experience with working in the back end of Identity Management systems
A polyglot who is language-agnostic and possess T-shaped skills

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