Chelsea Hotels jobs  available in Canada and Usa

Firma: Chelsea
Rodzaj pracy: Pełny etat
Zarobek: EGP 70 000 / Za miesiąc
Dział: Inne

Chelsea Hotels jobs  available in Canada and USA

We are in need of workers and We provide you with a visa and work permit to work abroad In USA and Canada to our company with accommodation and insurance 

This are the vacant position needed in our company

Director of Hotel Sales And Director of Maintenance
Director of Maintenance And Director of Marketing
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Transportation Coordinator And Reservations Agent
Room Sales Manager And Services Manager
Restaurant Manager And Executive Conference Manager
Reservations Agent and Housekeeper
Front Desk Agent And Front Desk Clerk
Bar Staff and Cook
Waiter And Waitress 
Driver And Security 
And many more space needed at the company

Salary from $4,200 to $6,800 Monthly

Note; Before you apply for this jobs. You need to register yourself and your processing fee to process your papers for your visa 

Apply now and be the first to work in our new hotel in Canada and USA with your CV
Contact us 

Tell/ whatsApp : +1 234 - 805 - 0684

We are welcome to the company and please share this ad. 

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