turkish drama

Empresa: farzana
Tipo de trabalho: Tempo integral
de 24 000 BDT/Anual
Indústria: Bancária
Area/Freguesia: Rajshahi

Turkey's television series market has greatly improved, notably since 2000. They are currently broadcast in a large number of Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Far Eastern nations.

Turkish drama website www.turkishdrama.com seeks to explain Turkey's amazing TV shows and Turkish actors in this light. The goal of providing readers with basic information on TV shows is to enable them to make decisions about which shows are worthwhile. The website's creators will have succeeded in their mission if they can increase interest in Turkish culture.

Questions and Answers

When did this website start to exist?

Turkishdrama.com was conceptualized in 2010, and it launched in August 2011.

Can I write for this website?

Thank you for your attention, but in the modern era, adding more writers will increase the

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