Flight Attendants

Empresa: Confidential.
Tipo de trabalho: Contrato
Salário notas: To be determined.
Indústria: Transporte e Logística
Area/Freguesia: Dubai, Uae

While onboard the aircraft, Flight Attendants are responsible to the Captain for the duration of the flight.
Always possesses a safety-first mindset.
Naturally empathetic .
Exudes a warm and caring demeanor 
Welcoming to all as a gracious host
Passionate about service excellence
Treats others with mutual respect
Listens well and is solutions-oriented
Confident speaking voice.
Wears our uniform perfectly with pride including impeccable personal grooming.
Previous Flight Attendant experience is an asset.
At least 20 years of age.
High school diploma.
Must complete a first aid course prior to initial training. 
Must successfully complete a 5-week full-time initial training program.
Must be able to solve problems and make quick decisions in the interest of crew and guests.
Hold a valid Passport that allows travel to all countries served by our clients (Europe, Asia, North-America).
Ready to wear our uniform perfectly and adhere to impeccable personal grooming standards.
A flexible work schedule is part of the job, so availability during irregular working hours (mornings, evenings, weekends, statutory  holidays), shift work and on-call shifts is required and valued. 
We would love to know if you can speak one or more of the following languages in addition to English: French, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Greek, Danish, Dutch and Turkish.  
We will provide the work placement/work permit (Visa) with our Corporate clients.
If you are interested by a position in the Airline Industry area, please, send us a resume thru email.

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