Olim Hadashim? Free coding training with a job guarantee

Tipo de trabalho: Tempo integral
Indústria: Engenharia

Infinity-Labs R&D offers Olims a unique programme where you can train to be a coder free of charge. At the end of the training, you will be placed into an advanced software development that normally require around 2-3 years of experience.

The training takes around 8 months. There will be a combination of on-site and remote training in Ramat Gan (adjacent to the Tel Aviv Savidor Central train station).

The entire process consists of four stages:


Apply to join the programme and attach your resume. If your application is taken forward, you will be invited to an interview so we can learn more about you and your background (please note that you will be sent a questionnaire in Hebrew immediately after submitting the application, if you are an Olim applicant, please ignore it).


Comprehensive and intensive educational course lasting 28 weeks where you will be guided by leading mentors and senior specialists in the industry. You will receive a practical and focused education underpinned by a firm theoretical foundation as well as the tried and tested methods of software development.

3. Job placement

A fewmonth before the end of training programme, you will embark on a series of interviews with the managers of the world’s leading High-Tech organization's to determine where you are going to work when your training is complete.

4. Your new career starts!

Using your extensive skills, knowledge and experience you start working in one of the top High-Tech companies in the position determined during the interview process.

Bring your career to the next level with Infinity-Labs!


·         Intermediate proficiency in English, Hebrew is not required.

·         Willingness to learn new things and improve your skills.

·         Bachelor's or Master's degree (GPA 3.5+).

·         No work experience required, you can start training from scratch.

To apply: https://lp.infinitylabs.co.il/e/?ref=eng

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