Senior mobile phone hardware engineer

Empresa: CV-Library
Tipo de trabalho: Tempo integral
30 000 - 50 000 GBP/Anual

Title: Senior mobile phone hardware engineer, XOR UK
Job Description:
XOR UK is the luxury mobile phone manufacture in the UK.
This role is in R&D team, the key work scope is product development focusing on HW aspect to ensure product design fulfil functional, safety, ID and regulatory compliance related requirement, also to ensure production line operate smoothly to produce XOR phone product with high quality.
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Work with vendor and other R&D team member to design the product based on various requirements include but not limited to functional, safety, ID and global regulatory compliance.
* Be technical domain owner for HW area include BB, audio, power, display and work with other technical domain owners for the product develop and production work.
* Establish HW testing lab with needed equipment, tools and process.
* Support workshop production team for HW related issue and improve yield rate and improve product quality.
* Analysis the possible failure and resolve the problem to improve the yield rate, summarise the failure report and work with R&D team for possible fault analysis and define improvement solution.
* Collaborate with vendor to ensure the product design is optimized for mass production and test process.
* Analyse the products MFR and define improvement solution
* Support to solve the technical issue production line encountered.
* Use and maintain HW and production line equipment:
* Agilent 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set
* Rohde & Schwarz – CMU200/CMW500 Radio Communication Tester
* Agilent 8595E Portable Spectrum Analysers/
* Digital Signal Generator
* Keithley Dual-Channel Battery Charger/Simulator
* .etc
* Report to R&D head.
Position Requirements:
Education: Bachelor or equivalent Degree in electronics/engineering/telecommunication discipline, minimum 3 years R&D experience in mobile phone, IoT and other smart electronics area.
Salary: job grade 3

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