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Companie: Limra Ambulance Services
Tipul locului de muncă: Alte
Industrie: Asistenţă medicală
Cartier/Vecinătate: Faridabad


In Pokhara, Limra services are available, helping people with medical emergencies. Limra provided a complete service in Pokhara. With the same level of service that is available everywhere else.

Limra has over  years of expertise offering high-quality services that are tailored to the demands of our clients. Ambulance Services in Pokhara Our personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to any emergency at any moment. We are the industry’s one-stop shop for prehospital care and safety. Service is dedicated to providing the best emergency medical care possible.


Limra is known for its high-quality staff and support team, which are well-trained to manage any situation and provide the patients with all of their needs. Ambulance Services in Pokhara The Limra’s entire crew has years of experience. We hire only the most qualified and caring employees, who are trained to operate our cutting-edge technology and share our commitment to providing consistently exceptional emergency medical care.

Our Mission 

Our objective is to provide the highest quality medical care to the people of Pokhara throughout the time of emergency. Ambulance Services in Pokhara We always give it our all so that when it comes to emergency, we can handle any situation.

  • Air Ambulance:- Limra Air Ambulance Service is foremost air ambulance and medical transport service. For more than decades, the Limra Air Ambulance Service team has been at the forefront of the air ambulance and air medical transport industries. Ambulance Services in Pokhara Our team’s passion and skill enable us to provide a flawless bedside-to-bedside travel experience from any location on the planet. Limra’s Air Ambulance Service members and medical professionals are all trained.
  • Road Ambulance Service :- Limra Road Ambulance has maintained the same company standard in road service and provide the emergency and Non- emergency transfer of patients.
  • Organ transportation:- Limra provide the most critical service in which is organ transportation. Limra has established itself as a leader in the field of organ transportation and has been saving lives by delivering it on time.


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