Ghassoul Moroccan lava clay Powder

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Moroccan Ghassoul Lava clay Powder
wholesale for Moroccan lava clay Powder contains high levels of magnesium potassium. Facial Mask, and oily sensitive and tired skin, and a natural cleanser.

Ghassoul clay powder is a clayey powder extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, 100% pure Natural lava earth and full of iron and other minerals such as magnesium, potassium

Product Origin:Morocco
Type of treatment:100% Organic
Ingredients:Moroccan Lava Clay

Have you ever wanted that perfect bath item that helps you relax and get into the right mood after a long tiring day? That’s item exists and comes from a small North African country called Morocco. Ghassoul or “rhassoul” is the best treatment for dull, oily and dry skin. That’s not only it! It’s also good with Acne and sensitive skin.

Ghasoul is believed to have formed naturally in the mountainous regions of Morocco, which is the only Moroccan Clay powder producing country in the world. Centuries ago, Berber women have discovered its utility when it comes to cleaning the impurities from the skin and hair. Modern science has discovered that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and silicon.

Ghassoul is a detoxifier, a mineral reconstitute and a natural cleanser. Along having slow aging properties, it is also an exfoliant and a clarifier of skin. It should be applied at least once or twice per week, and be made as a weekly routine. Ghassoul is used as a mask to be formed after or before a bath in order to relax and let it fuse with the skin.

You want to get ghassoul as soon as possible? Wait no more. At organica Group, we produce and export the finest quality of Ghassoul available in Morocco and in all over the entire world. You will get the modern vibe alongside the ancient benefits of the substance in Orange blossom, rose or honey. We provide Ghassoul in three forms: bulk, wholesale and in unit pieces. Just contact one of our professionals and we will take care of your order sooner than you think! And if you wish to resell the product with your own brand, we provide an exclusive private labeling service so you get the final product to your clients in its most complete form, just contact us today and we will take care of all your needs.

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Morocco
Brand Name: moroccan organica or private labeling
Form: Paste Or Powder
Use: Body , face ,Hair
Product name: Ghassoul/Rassoul
Feature : Antiseptic, Basic Cleaning, Whitening
Flavors : rose – orange blossom and honey.
Delivery Time : 7-15 working days
Cultivation type: Organic
Shipping :UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,etc or as per customer request
Precautions: rinse thoroughly if products gets into the eye.Keep away from children


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