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The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an alternative to traditional home care services. It is a self-directed, Medicaid home care program available to eligible consumers who are in need of home care services and are capable of directing their own care.


Once your eligibility is determined as well as the hours of services needed, the next step will be to find a Personal Assistant (PA). The PA(s) can almost be anyone the consumer wants:


A neighbor, friend, aide or even a family member. The PA does not have to be HHA Certified.


A parent, Spouse, or designated representative cannot be a PA. It’s very important that a consumer is comfortable with the individuals and that they can be trained to provide the self-directed care necessary.


With the CDPAP program, consumers have more control over who provides their care and how it is provided. A Medicaid program, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) provides an alternative way of receiving home care services. For traditional home care services the vendor, or agency, controls training and scheduling of aides. The “consumer” or the family member, friend or guardian directing care performs all these functions usually done by a vendor. Individuals eligible for consumer directed care include those suitable for services provided by a certified home health agency, a long-term home health care (waiver) program, AIDS home care program, or personal care (home attendant).


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