Specialists Md in Family Medicine

Typ práce: Full-time
Priemysel: Healthcare

Sweden provides one of the best living standards in the world. Residents enjoy free education, subsidised health care, an extensive and smooth-running public transport system and access to the magnificent unspoilt countryside.

This county, with 1.3 million inhabitants, is part of one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic regions. Here you are close to everything from bustling city life to small picturesque towns and a captivating rural landscape. The region offers modern communications, a skilled workforce and acclaimed universities which create excellent living conditions.

The county is a self-governing administrative region governed by a Regional Council and employs about 32,000 staff members.  The region provides an excellent work environment and the possibility to work with dedicated colleagues from many professions. Staff members at the region are offered competitive salaries and benefits as 5-6 weeks of annual vacation, flexible working hours and extensive possibilities to parental leave. As an employee at the region you are also eligible for an attractive occupational pension scheme - on top of the Swedish national retirement pension.

The work of a general medicine specialist in Sweden

A general medicine specialist’s work in Sweden differs from most other EU countries in that it includes tasks that require a deeper knowledge of diagnostics and treatment of health problems in all ages. A further difference is that the district nurses and other professionals in Sweden perform duties that in some other EU countries are performed by doctors only. Another possibly distinctive approach to their daily work is the fact that Swedish patients expect participation and information to a greater extent than in some other EU countries.

An average Swedish general medicine specialist’s work includes giving priority on the basis of medical urgency. Switching between short acute visits, longer dialogues and home visits, and monitoring over a long period of time an individual's various health problems as well as assessing and taking into account the person's entire living situation. At general medicine clinics there are usually equipment for minor surgery and various types of examinations, which in many other countries are carried out in hospitals or specialist clinics. Adequate referral to other specialists is therefore only referrals for issues in which special equipment is required or in an unusual or difficult to treat condition, in which another specialist is necessary.

The work also includes basic child and maternal health care, preventive and rehabilitative work, administrative duties and writing various certificates. Medical liability for special residents (often for people with neurological damage or developmental disabilities), and nursing and care homes are common. The work is done in collaboration with other professionals, in co-operation with additional authorities and other agencies in the community. Training and supervision of medical students at all educational levels, from undergraduate to specialist training and with students in other health care professions is an important task.


MD degree obtained within the EU

Specialist License for Family Medicine

Min. 2-3 years of relevant experience

Qualifications and introduction

To actually practice as a Doctor of Medicine you also need, apart from a license, to complete courses in Swedish legislation and pass the language requirements (Swedish, level B2 when you start working continuing to C1 level). 

The region will offer the successful candidates an introductory period of 5 months, which includes continuous language training and courses in Swedish health care legislation.

During the introductory period the candidates will be based at the region’s Health Care Training Centre in the south of Sweden. The Training Centre will host candidates from all over the world and is staffed by experienced specialists and tutors. There are also possibilities for candidates to accomplish the introductory period at the recruiting Health Care Centre.

Pay scales:

1. 40 000 sek/month during the first five months (during the education in the training centre February- June 2016). At the start at the Medical Center from month 6-12 July- December 2016), you get 50 000sek/month (since you are not yet up to full production). After one year of employment you get up to a possible salary of 63 000 sek/month depending on your years of experience as a specialist.

2. When it comes to retirement, you as an employee of Region Skåne are covered by our “tjänstepensionsavtal” (occupational pension agreement) which as of 2006-01-01 is called CAPE-at-Kollektivavtalad pension for local governments. Are you "normally" paid, an annual fee under the occupational pension scheme is payed out to one of you selected managers for this pension charge. It could be an insurance company or a bank. You are highly paid in addition you also earn a retirement pension of the agreement for the parts that do not provide pension rights in the public pension system. Very good!

3. They do not pay for the moving costs.


To apply: please send your CV (and any other files)

 mentioning reference code DM-07 at [...]

Web: http://www.phd-jobs.net

Contact person: Mr. Vitaly Pryadka

Also, if you would like to get a phone call from responsible person, please let us know

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