Stucco Helper

Предузеће: ZD Stucco Repair
Тип посла: Full-time

Due to company expansion we are looking for a team member who is NOT AFRAID OF HARD WORK, WILLING TO LEARN, PROFESSIONAL, DISCIPLINED, ORGANIZED AND READY TO FOLLOW COMPANY RULES. He needs to be able TO BE PART OF THE TEAM, COMMUNICATIVE AND RESPECTIVE TO CO-WORKERS AND CUSTOMERS. He must be able to work on scaffolding and not be afraid of the height.
There will be professional courses provided.
If you and not willing to learn new techniques please disregard this job.
The future team member MUST have DRIVING LICENSE, SSN.
Duties are (strictly followed):
a) to be on time for a job;
b) to follow the policies of the company;
c) to be very alert on job site;
d) to follow the directions of the Senior Specialist at job site very precisely;
e) to do stucco plastering.


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