Cat boarding and lodging

Företag: Fia s cat boarding
Typ av jobb: Full-time
Salary: 12 KWD/Day/Night
Bransch: Services
Område/Trakt: Shuhada

I currently have a 5 month old Persian kitten who is very friendly and affectionate. I live in a3 bed room apartment which gives me ample space to board another cat. I used to pet sit back in Bangalore, India where I had another cat but since moving to Kuwait this will be my first gig as a pet sitter. I am well versed with taking care of cats and your cat will have its own room and I will always be present in the house and she can also use the rest of the house to play. I've been a pet owner since 20 years now and I know very well what a cat needs and when:)My service stands out because I have a big space and I provide a private room for the cat itself which is quite big for her to play and move around. I will be available 24×7 to check on her. 

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