Electrical Engineering Manager - REF1038A

Företag: Elbit Systems of America
Typ av jobb: Full-time

Job Description
Scope:   The Electrical Engineering Manager will provide direct management with in the business unit so that a specific product or service is delivered in response to customer needs. The Manager will carry out the strategic plan by meeting the goals & objectives with in an assigned action plan for quality, process improvement and financial management of the product or service. The Manager is required to take on technical tasks that align with their technical specialization at an approximate 30% utilization rate. The Manager will research, plan, design, develop, analyze and test a variety of electronic equipment and systems, including displays, sensors, processors, interface units and other electronic devices; circuitry components; analog and digital computers; and control and test equipment.
Responsibilities & Tasks:
Contributes technical expertise by performing design activities, producing reports and analysis, producing schematics, designing and running validation testing, participating in design reviews and in proposal development.
Identifies resources needed (e.g. staffing, training, equipment, facilities and monetary resources), both internal and external, that can be useful to the assigned unit in accomplishing work by providing this information to the Director of the assigned unit.
Consistently seeks to perform departmental tasks in a cost-efficient manner; identifying ways to produce the same level and quality of product or service while utilizing fewer resources by creating an organizational climate in which cost effectiveness is valued and rewarded.
Directs the preparation of highly accurate and precise estimates of costs, obtaining the most recent cost estimates from vendors, catalogs or internal allocations.
Directs the preparation of budget justifications and proposals that reflect the needs of the department, submitting proposals that are thorough & accurate and that receive management acceptance and approval with little or no stoppage questions.
Effectively engages in staff planning that helps to ensure the department is appropriately staffed to accomplish its goals and objectives. 
Assesses and verifies candidate qualifications thoroughly and accurately, recognizing and hiring /promoting those who possess the skills needed to fulfill vacant positions.
Makes healthy use of conflict and disagreement to promote learning and expand team perspectives, encouraging the parties to work together towards problem resolution by working with the parties to identify a range of acceptable solutions and when appropriate, proposes effective compromises that satisfy some of each party’s needs; ensures mutual commitment to a solution.
Encourages and builds mutual trust, respect and cooperation among team members by seizing opportunities and utilizing creative methods to build team cooperation and cohesion.
Efficiently delegates tasks so that organizational goals are met within established timelines; delegates tasks that are not central to the leader’s role and which allow the leader to use work-time more effectively.
Clearly explains job duties, responsibilities and priorities to managers and supervisors of the work for which they will be responsible for (through accurate job descriptions) and helps them establish priorities by checking to ensure that employees understand duties and responsibilities which is used to establish performance goals that are clear, specific and attainable.
Explains relationship between individual work tasks and overall organizational objectives, continually rethinks job duties and responsibilities as organizational objectives shift and communicates new roles and responsibilities to employees as appropriate.
Assesses and verifies candidate qualifications thoroughly and accurately, recognizing and hiring /promoting those who possess the skills needed to fulfill vacant positions.
Solicits feedback from multiple sources during and following task completion related to the assigned product or project to ensure employee tasks are performed correctly and to learn how employee and team performance can be improved. 
Encourages departmental staff to attend relevant training and workshops to broaden skills explaining why training is relevant to employee’s career and improves the performance of the company.
Other related duties as assigned by Senior Management.

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