Sales Manager

கம்பனி : Machenzzo India Pvt Ltd
எந்த ம்மதிர்யான வேலை: Full-time
Salary: 400,000 INR/Year
தொழிற்சாலை: Automotive
  • Understand the complete product portfolio (a wide range of cutting tools solutions) of the company. Click here to check out our complete line of products.
  • Have in depth knowledge of the target markets for the products in the portfolio.
  • Have well maintained and active relations key decision makers.
  • Prospect new clients and generate new leads.
  • Follow-up with existing clients to increase the business share.
  • Follow-up with new clients regularly to convert leads into recurring business.
  • Identify areas for improvement in client’s production process and provide recommendations based on the company’s product strength.
  • Assess market competition by comparing the company’s product to competitor’s products.
  • Gain product market share in prescribed area by working with the sales director to develop product sales strategies.
  • Analyze and estimate the annual business potential of the clients.
  • Provide information for management by preparing short-term and long-term product sales forecasts.
  • Provide monthly inventory planning for existing clients and pipeline projects.
Machenzzo India
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 Machenzzo India
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