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About the Company:
Internship Barcelona is an internationally recognized and award-winning company based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, that has successfully grown over the years, providing a wide range of services to meet the contemporary demands of our clients. Company has business lines in the following fields: Rentals, Event Management, Real Estate, Leisure, Fashion, Media, and Travel Guides.
We have a multicultural team and we are constantly looking for passionate and hardworking talents to join our team. Especially talents who want to develop interest in projects in various challenging branches. We are looking for all round talents who are motivated to work in a young company with a small international team. Do you have a hands-on mentality, an organized way of working and are open towards new challenges?
Description of the position:
- Creating descriptions of advertisement texts, widgets and fixing the blog webpages (using Links, Grammar, Pictures, widgets, etc. HTML),
- Writing and translating articles and posts about Barcelona touristic sights and events and designing the layout of articles (adding pictures, links, widgets, etc.),
- Customer service and sales through the phone and via email, handling reclamations, bookings,
- Creating and implementing social media strategies,
- Practicing Google webmaster tools and other social media managing platforms,
- Monthly evaluation of the success of our social media accounts,
- Creating and assisting recruitment and retention initiatives,
- Assisting with posting job offers, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and answering questions from applicants & Hiring Managers,
- Supporting employee service related project roll-outs, communication and organizational change management,
- Completing all other duties as assigned or requested for the general support of the organization,
- Managing projects and being in charge of various participating interns,
- Interviewing people (models, interns etc.),
- Organizing castings, events and bookings,
- Updating and improving SEO strategies to improve the site's rankings,
- Promoting Barcelona Home (meeting potential customers, cooperators, sponsors, joining events),
- Participating in other projects/tasks if needed.
- Intern must have a university agreement letter/contract,
- Advanced level in English (minimum: B2), Spanish is a plus,
- Ability to manage multiple tasks at once,
- Ability to establish and maintain positive and professional relationships with co- workers,
- Cultural sensitivity and ability to associate appropriately and effectively in a diverse workplace and with a diverse client base,
- Ability to work independently.
What we offer:
- gaining experience and developing your own management and marketing tools and abilities,
- an environment where you can practice the language (English or Spanish) with real-life situations,
- being a part of our international team (from all over the world, not only Europe),
- free participation in our company events.
- this internship is unpaid,
- location: Barcelona (possibility to work remotely),
- minimum stay: 2 months.
For contacts: If you have any further questions, you can contact us: +34 696 816 736. or [...]
For more information, please take a look at our website:
Please remember this offer is all year open.

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