Retail Departmental Recruitment

Şirket: Ajeets Management And Manpower Consultancy
İş türü: Contract
Sektör: Consumer Products / FMCG
Bölge/Çevre: Warsaw

Ajeets Consultancy is serving employers from different parts of the world with recruitment of proficient and experienced manpower in different levels of FMCG & Retail Departmental sector. For more information related to recruitment in FMCG sector contact Job Ajeets now. The candidates are picked from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Philippines to meet the industry requirements.

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AJEETs Management & Manpower Consultancy

Western Edge 2, Office No 407,4th Floor, Opp.Metro Mall,

Western Express Highway,

Borivali -East                       

Mumbai-400066, India        

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