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Şirket: BothOfUs
İş türü: Full-time
Sektör: Information Technology

About us
We are BøthOfUS - https://bothofus.se/, Stockholm,Swedish company with a branch office in the UK with the goal of doing social impact projects by following UN SDG goals. Our goal is to accelerate United Nations SDG goals by the year 2030 by using Technology and Design.

What are we looking for
We’re looking for more awesome software developers, designers who thrive in an environment where they take responsibility to ensure the goal of the project or product currently in process, while delighting in writing code that is efficient, smart and comprehensible by other developers.

How we do it
Development at BøthOfUS is a joint endeavour between product management, quality assurance, designers and developers. This means that you’d be working within the team and it is the team’s responsibility to come up with well-functioning solutions; design and UX that makes sense, code that is maintainable, robust, secure and solves the problems posed by the stakeholders through product management.

We work with Scrum based agile methodology. For you this means that you will get insights into the whole chain/process, have open discussions with your colleagues and find solutions together. We have a learning environment in which you will grow quickly. We are international, inclusive and work remotely by keeping in touch with remote tools. 

Our values - 3Cs: 

  • Compassion

  • Communication

  • Competency

3C stands for Compassion, Communication and Competency. Those are our values which guide us and build the foundation for the culture in our organization. The priority is also as shown we prefer compassion more than competency. We encourage the extensive and clear communication as that is the only way to understand and support each other. We are here to provide the service of highest quality for a good cause, to assure quality we build our business on high competencies of the employees.


What we are looking for:

  • Full stack JavaScript developers with experience in  Node.js / Vue.js / React

  • Web developers with experience in PHP scripting language

  • IOS/Android Developers (Native as well as ReactNative, Flutter developers) 


Required Skills:

  •  3+ years of professional experience of software development

  •  Well versed in web tech stacks

  •  Experience with  JavaScript / PHP  / Android / iOS

  •  MVC Framework

  •  Fluent in English


Employment Type:

●       Full-time position.


At BøthOfUS you’ll have around 20+ great colleagues, flexible working hours, lots of interesting challenges and a whole bunch of laughs.

What are you waiting for? 

If you want to boost your career and contribute to social impact, send your CV to [...] and come build smart solutions with us!

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