French Customer Support Representative

İş türü: Contract
Sektör: Telecommunications

Daily tasks: 

Respond to client’s requests through multiple communication channels (phone and email)
Maintain solid customer relationships by handling their inquiries and concern

Working hours: Full time 40h per week on rotational shifts including weekends and public holidays (you will be informed about the schedules once you are assigned)

• The training is going to be in English, 8 hours daily, will last for about 3 weeks.
• The first 4 days of the training count as evaluation period, and you are not getting paid for them. 
• 23% of the total amount you are entitled to; will be deducted for taxes.
• You are getting paid extra when you work on official Greek Holidays or Overtime.
• Health insurance coverage arranged and paid by the Employer.
• You are also entitled to extra 3 bonuses per year: Christmas (One full salary), Easter (Half a salary), Vacation (Half a salary). The 2 extra salaries are proportionate to the working days during the year and not de facto regardless of absences. 
• 1.67 days off per month of cooperation - Up to 20 days off per year.
• The offered contracts are fixed term ones

Competitive salary + monthly performance bonus

Have developed communication and soft skills. 
Be fluent/native French and English.  Any additional languages are a plus
Be capable of handling stressful situations and demanding clients.
Candidates need to be based in Greece (mandatory)

Other information from the company: 
•            They are the biggest company in Athens and one of the biggest Call Centre in Europe.
•            They have 30 different languages within the company 
•            Employees have the possibility of career progression, after 6 months in the company they can apply for internal vacancies such as Supervisor, Trainer, QA, etc
•            They have some benefits and social activities: Carnival party, Christmas party, small trips to Ski for instance, Music festivals, some activities for specific communities such as Hebrew & Arabic, etc
•            Biggest teams: German, English, French and Scandinavian
•            Gym at their offices indoors and outdoors for free 
•            Paid cruises to some of the Greek islands
•            Summer festivals
•            Winter trips to sky with everything paid by the company (training, equipment, accommodation, et.) and only 2 hours away from Athens! 
•            Summer camps for the kids of the employees for free. 
•            Campaigns for the environment: beaches cleaning, reforestation, recycling, etc. 
•            Social campaigns: blood donation, clothing / food donation, help for homeless people, etc.
•            Cancer Awareness: during this campaign they had a doctor in house and they did more than 100 check ups to their employees for free to prevent breast cancer. 
•            Every single employee has this application for free in order to access to their schedule in advance, have updates on new job opportunities, social activities, etc. 
•            Career progression: They don’t hire externally higher positions. Supervisor, Trainers, QA, CCM (Contact Centre Manager) are promoted internally.


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