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This English Institute opened in 2000 offering courses of English for children and teenagers in particular, and eventually for adults. It is located in the quiet neighborhood of Ciudadela, near the train station and surrounded by several state and private schools. 

Background Information

Due to the location of the institute, it is very rare for students to have the opportunity to interact with native speakers of English so the institute organizes different excursions throughout the year in order to give students the possibility to be in touch with the English language in a real atmosphere. This is why we would like to bridge the gap between our culture and that of people from other parts of the world and between English as a foreign language and native English by giving students the possibility to meet volunteers from English speaking countries. We believe this will motivate students a lot as it will trigger a growing interest in the language.    

Volunteer’s Role

Volunteers are expected to assist teachers in class. Courses are delivered from Monday to Friday in the afternoon and Saturday mornings. Students attend classes twice a week and, depending on the course, classes last 60, 75 or 90 minutes. When they reach the last level, namely 6th year, they are expected to have reached an upper intermediate or advanced level of the language and to sit an international exam called Cambridge First Certificate. Among the different courses, there are traditional courses of general English, conversations classes, intensive and / or individual courses for adults, school support lessons and workshops.

The workshops are offered on Fridays as optional activities for students who want to improve their English. They are free of charge. Also, once or twice a month the teachers working at the institute propose a special class which consists of activities such as cooking, dancing, art work, music, games, puppet shows, story-telling and so on. These are designed according to student age and level of language.


Monday-Friday, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This project is not available during the months of December, January, February and for 2 weeks in July as these are school holidays.

Location and first day

The institute is located in Ciudadela, a small middle class town just outside the city of Buenos Aires. You can take either the bus or train to get there, which will take approximately 1 hour. On your first day, you will have an informal chat with the director, Laura, where she will explain how the school runs and tell you in which classes you can help.

Spanish required

Not required

Minimum stay

2 weeks

Fee required

How to apply

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