Part Time Translators Wanted

کمپنی: Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd.
کام کی قسم: پارٹ ٹائم
تنخواہ: 120,000 CNY/سالانہ
تنخواہ نوٹس: Paid on the translation jobs done
انڈسٹری: خدمات/سروسز

Welcome to join our professional translation team:
In order to strengthen and extend our achievements, we warmly welcome worldwide
translators and interpreters join our translation team:
Full-time translator, part-time translator, freelancing translator and interpreter; worldwide translation agency wanting to be our translation partners.


RMB 4000 - 10000


Requirements: at least one foreign language mastery, familiar with the rules and requirements of language translation, interpretation and localization, wide range of specialty, active and hardworking, cooperative; having rich interpretation experiences, ability of fluent oral foreign language, one or several specialty mastery; being good at mutual translation in one or several fields and willing to following the rules and regulations of our company.

Sean Wang
پوسٹڈ بايئ:
 Sean Wang
پرنٹ کریںغلط بات کی رپورٹ کریں

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