Fix your misaligned teeth with Dezy Clear Aligners

کمپنی: Dezy Dental Clinc
کام کی قسم: انٹرنشپ
انڈسٹری: صحت
علاقہ/ہمسایگی: Hsr Layout, Bangalore

Dezy is a rapidly growing invisible braces brand with a very strong digital presence. Founded in 2020 by IIT and IIM alumni and backed by renowned investors.

At Dezy, we work on your smile even before we work on your teeth. Almost everyone grows up dreading the dentist. Dental problems seldom come alone. They bring with them anxiety, fear, confusion, and not to mention, pain. In a world of misinformation and misbeliefs, we want to restore smiles with precision, clarity, kindness, and knowledge.

We believe that when people have clarity, they are at ease and can make informed decisions about their dental healthcare. At Dezy, we take dental care anxiety off the table so next time, visiting a dentist will be an easy, happy decision.

Our expert and experienced Dentists are determined to provide best-in-class Dental care at honest pricing using the three pillars Technology, Transparency, and Teamwork.

We want you to say Goodbye to the Lack of trust, Feeling judged, Discomfort, and frustrations that one usually associates with a Dentist visit. We know Dental care isn’t working the way it should. And we are here to make it better.

Dezy is one of the best dental clinics in Bangalore, India offers Invisible Aligners, Dental implants, Root canal treatment, and all types of dental care services to protect your smiles. A painless dental care treatment near you with a 25% cheaper price and no-cost EMI option is available.

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