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کام کی قسم: فل ٹائم
انڈسٹری: مینیوفیکچرنگ

Incredible AM Pvt. Ltd has been one of the pioneers in India for metal 3D printing with our state of the art plant in Pune, India.

“Incredible” is a venture of Industrial Metal Powders Pvt. Ltd., who has over 44 years of trusted experience in manufacturing with worldwide exports to more than 32 countries. 3D Incredible is a service bureau providing solutions for additive manufacturing right from concept, designing, printing and post-processing and quality control and assurance. INCREDIBLE is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & AS 9100D certifications. Incredible is a one-stop solution for all your 3d printing requirements having in house facilities for Concept/idea, Preproduction, Designing, 3D Printing, Post-process, Quality Testing /Assurance and Training. Incredible has also started a research and development inhouse program to bring about their expertise to match the customer or the need of the applications by working on parameters, materials and design software.
Incredible serves the Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and all kinds of Engineering industries with all the expertise, certifications and rich experience to provide not only parts but complete solutions.

For more details visit https://3dincredible.com/  or feel free to contact us at https://3dincredible.com/contact-us/ for a quick inquiry.

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