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کمپنی: Mary Kay Inc
کام کی قسم: دیگر
انڈسٹری: پرچون اور تھوک

May 2020 offer 

FREE Professional Website for you for an entire year 

US Based Cosmetic company Mary Kay Inc is expanding in the Netherlands work from & now Virtually , so easy for today being at home 

My Name is Janis Trude I work internationally in Europe , expanding our company as well as expanding the expat community in other countries  We are looking for Part time & Full time Beauty Consultants, in the Netherlands. Freelancing allows you to work around your family and other jobs, it has the freedom & flexibility most women want today as we weave life around everything 

We train you and help get you started. If you are interested in teaching skin care and glamour for our company, please feel Free to reach out to me so I can send you more information and schedule a time to talk with you.  I have attached video links below. We offer 50% commission on all sales and advancement to management  I have personally been with the Company for 37 years and we are currently in 40 countries. We have a great training program on line and "Hands On" also a website for each consultant that is updated daily by the company 


Looking for women, part time or full time earning an extra 800euro part time - 3000 euro monthly  + work from Home, the fashion & Glamour industry is a Billion dollar industry today   PLEASE check out the links below.


Thank you for your interest 

National Sales Director Janis Trude 

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