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- Perform laboratory analysis and tests on various microbiological activities on regular basis
- Develop and prepare documents for all protocols
- Develop and maintain validation in all protocols
- Perform tests on component samples, identify any contamination and perform analysis for appropriate source for same and initiate corrective actions
- Maintain knowledge on various testing methods and perform all manual operations
- Monitor all physiological and morphological characteristics and identify microorganisms
- Perform tests on all incoming ingredients and document all records
- Develop various testing processes for raw materials and finished products
- Investigate all issues and prevent any GMP problems on samples
- Maintain accurate records on tests performed and results/ Develop and document final reports
- Maintain inventory on laboratory materials and equipment
- Keep equipment in good conditions, and take necessary action in case of any improper functioning
- Keep up-to-date to new protocols and scientific research/ Review the system on regular basis
- Comply with international and local requirements

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