Environmental Control System Design Engineer

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* Performs system design and integration activities of environmental control systems
* Responsible for environmental control systems design integration and verification
* Develops system design requirements and their qualification
* Performs system performance analyses and trade-off studies validation methods with certification authorities
* Manages system architecture development and functional allocation activities
* Defines environmental control systems equipment technical specification
* Performs system and equipment integration activities
* Defines system and equipment test requirements & analyzing test results
* Performs system modelling and simulation activities
* Provides support for system sub-contractor monitoring and management activities.

* BS or higher degree in mechanical aerospace or mechatronic engineering
* Experience and knowledge about pressure ventilation heating or cooling systems or equipment
* Experience and knowledge about System Engineering processes
* Knowledge about modeling of physical systems in AMESIM (or similar) and / or MATLAB / Simulink environment
* Experience and knowledge about thermodynamics heat transfer or fluid mechanics
* Experience in defense industry or aviation projects
* Min. 5 years of experience in the relevant fields

* Experience in using Fluent FLOEFD STARCCM or similar CFD tools
* Experience or knowledge about CATIA / NX and similar solid modeling software programs
* Experience or knowledge about Military and Civil Aviation Standards
* Experience in working with subcontractors

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