Hardware Design Engineer

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* Develops hardware requirements and validation verification methods qualification certification with authorities
* Responsible for the hardware design integration and verification including analysis activities
* Manages system architecture development and functional allocation activities
* Defines system and equipment technical specification
* Performs system and equipment integration activities
* Defines hardware test requirements and analysing their results
* Performs modelling and simulation activities
* Provides support for system sub-contractor monitoring and management activities.

* Graduation from Electrical and Electronics Electronics Electronics and Communication or Physics Engineering departments
* Knowledge and experience about hardware development processes
* Knowledge and experience about inspecting the hardware development activities of subcontractor companies
* Knowledge and experience about EMI / EMC signal integrity power cooling and thermal analysis of electronic cards
* Knowledge and experience about digital design (FPGA CPLD ASIC) hardware definition languages (VHDL / Verilog) PLD simulation and synthesis
* Having experience in hardware model and circuit design programs (MATLAB Proteus Eagle ALTIUM Designer Expedition Designer etc.)
* Having experience in scientific and literature researches in order for both technical development and to solve problems encountered for hardware design processes
* Knowledge and experience about interfaces that allow high speed data transfer such as RAPIDIO PCI-Express Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet

* Having experience in the data path (ARINC 664 ARINC 429 Mil-Std-1553B RS422 / 485 CAN etc.) used in aircraft
* Having knowledge and experience about RTCA / DO-254 processes
* Knowledge about cooling technologies (Conduction Liquid AFT and LFT) used in aircraft
* Knowledge and experience about printed circuit board design drawing analysis and standards (VITA 65.0 (Open VPX) VITA 46.0) with high speed data transfer routes
* Knowledge about military test standards such as MIL-STD 810 MIL-STD 461 MIL-STD 704 RTCA-DO-160

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