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Công ty: Harald Kunze - Selbständiger Berater bei Dr. Juchheim GmbH
Thể loại công việc: Voluntary
Salary notes: free style without borders
Công nghiệp: Sports, Leisure & Lifestyle
Vùng/Khu vực lân cận: Neulirchen / Erzgebirge

The shop and the business are now open. Start as a consultant and reseller now with me. Simply earn more with the before-after-WOW-effect and fullfill your dream easily as a consultant of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.

"Our successful business model allows you at free timing to earn good money above average and to enjoy exactly the live in financial freedom that you have ever dreamt of.

Our exclusive effect cosmetic line, promising an explosively rejouvenation within a few minutes, enthusiates more and more customers every day around the world.

A rejouvenanted skin appearance, voluminous lips, radiant eyes and amazing line and wrinkle reduction, reduction of cellulite and much more provide instant results with longterm effect. You as a consultant of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics can show this effect everywhere and immediately to everybody. You certainly will amaze interested people with the before-after-WOW-effect and delight them with joy about their new „me“. "(copyright 2019 by Juchheim GmbH).

Harald Kunze
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 Harald Kunze
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