Engineering Lab Technician - Electronics

Công ty: Airity Technologies
Thể loại công việc: Full-time

Who we are:
Airity Technologies is a startup spun out of Stanford University with the goal of disrupting the high voltage market and enabling novel products across several industries, including semiconductor, aerospace, telecommunications, and medicine. Our proprietary and patented technology, developed through research in the area of high-frequency power electronics, spans high voltage dc and radiofrequency (RF) products. We are self-funded, profitable, and have taken no outside investors.
Airity employs a team of talented engineers and scientists who have the background and knowledge to develop new technologies and bring them to the market. Our products and services cover a range of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing tools, satellite propulsion, and aerospace applications, medical devices, lighting, environmental applications, and academic research.
Job responsibilities:
We are looking for a qualified and motivated Electrical Hardware Technician seeking an exceptional opportunity to help us develop the next generation of high voltage power supplies. We have a mixture of outsourcing and in-house assembly for our products at this time, and this role will help us to speed up the product iteration cycle.
This is a full-time salaried position. Compensation will be commensurate with experience in accordance with market rates. We use a combination of Glassdoor, Payscale, and US Department of Labor data to inform our compensation strategy.
Airity has a core technological innovation that can apply to multiple different existing product and market categories, as well as enabling the creation of entirely new end applications and markets. The goal of this position is to support engineers in product development, prototyping, and testing products. This role will require you to be flexible and perform many different tasks, including but not limited to:
* Electromechanical assembly of prototype and low-volume products
* Hand soldering small components (0402 and 0603) using hot air and/or soldering iron
* Stencil-placed components soldered in an oven
* Surface mount and through-hole PCB repair
* Execute tests using Python scripts, record and analyze results in Python (numPy, pandas, etc)
* Support the debug of products, sub-systems and test fixtures
* Build prototype and final system enclosures
* Failure Mode Analysis, Strong troubleshooting skills
* Design and implement basic circuitry
* Support the build and test of automated test equipment and peripherals
* Procure lab equipment and services and maintain laboratory stock of parts and supplies
* Review circuit schematics with an eye for quality and assembly issues
* Rework prototypes and printed circuit board assemblies
* Maintain a safe laboratory environment
* Document assembly and testing procedures
* Light 3D/CAD design
* Positive attitude, eagerness to learn and ability to change direction quickly
* Fastidious and high-quality workmanship at speed
* Works well in a fast-paced environment, hard-working
* Self-motivated, driven, independent, and able to work without supervision if necessary
Preferred Qualifications
* Academic discipline (High school diploma/GED/Vocational training) in Electronics Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, or equivalent
* 5+ years of hands-on electronics assembly experience in an engineering development or manufacturing environment
* Strong understanding of science and engineering fundamentals
* Proven track record working within a laboratory environment
* Strong soldering, electronics fabrication, and PCB assembly skills
* Strong mechanical fabrication skills (drilling, screwing, gluing, cutting straight and neat lines, filing, dremeling, etc)
* Proper operation and knowledge of standard tools including, bench supplies, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, etc.
* Experience working in a team environment
* Experience with process and procedure documentation
* Able to hand-solder 0402/0201 components
* Fastidious and high-quality workmanship at speed
* High voltage/power experience (greater than 600 volts)
* 3D CAD skills (Solidworks/FreeCAD/ AutoCAD)
* Experience with programming ( Python, MATLAB)
* Experience with Altium, LTSpice, Eagle
Benefits Include:
* Competitive salary
* Health benefits
* 401k program
* Paid time off
Working with us:
We are building things that were once considered impossible, so it is challenging and exciting work. You will work in collaboration with a dedicated team and impressive clients. We operate under aggressive timelines, but you will have ownership of your work and your schedule. Our founding team has worked together for a long time, and we are continuously adding talented and motivated team members. We have an office in Redwood City, CA. We seek a person who shares our values and is a good fit within our group. Your opinions regarding the direction of the company, the projects we work on, and future hires will be highly valued. You will be working with PhD-level engineers who have multiple patents to their name. However, rather than focusing on credentials or specific industry experience, we are interested in outstanding talent with the ability to be creative and get things done. You will be paid a highly competitive salary and be well rewarded upon the success of ongoing projects.

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