Still Working 9-5? Do this Instead!

工作种类: Part-time
薪酬: USD 7,000 / Week

I spent 30 years selling insurance, and then I found this. I’ll keep this short because you probably don’t have a lot of time right now.

·         We set up your websites

·         We run little advertisements for you (we have the sources for leads)

·         People check the info out on their own (you don’t talk to anyone)

·         If they want to buy they do….if they don’t then they won’t, lol

·         Our team answers any questions they have

·         You get paid

Very simple. Run ads and Get Paid when a sale is made!

It’s done-for-you approach. Makes it easier for you and easier for us (we don’t have to spend hours training everyone because, to be honest, this stuff is not easy to learn). Pretty simple right So far…. but you need to review the info to get a full understanding.

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