Vaccination LVN/LPN

公司: Covid Clinic
工作种类: Full-time

A Day in the Life of Covid Clinic:
About Us:
COVID-19 testing is a key component of care, and Covid Clinic is dedicated to providing accessible testing for all. We take this role very seriously and are offering new work opportunities for energetic people looking to make a difference.
We are looking for self-motivated individuals to be client-facing in order to help run our COVID vaccination clinics. It is vital that you are passionate about helping people during this pandemic by providing excellent customer service, professionalism and accuracy.
Job Requirements:
* Oversees the entire patient experience from check-in to checkout
* Inspect lab specimen labels to ensure correct information is present
* Instruct patient on how long test takes to run and answer any questions
* Performing COVID-19 testing for the public in a drive up setting
* Perform tasks needed for proper start-up and close-up
* Administers COVID-19 and other immunizations.Setting up and preparing the mobile vaccine and testing operation
* Participate in training/retraining and continuing education programs as necessary
* Comply with all safety policies and procedures in the work area, including the use of protective equipment when necessary to prevent exposure to potentially infectious agents
* Understand and comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and company policies
* Adheres to quality assurance procedures and maintain all HIPAA standards
* Collects throat and/or nasal swab specimens from patients
* Schedules follow up appointments for patients if necessary
* Ensure that test site remains in a clean, safe, and operable manner
* Other duties as assigned
Vaccination Requirements:
* Log minimum and maximum temperature of the non powered container twice a day and when temperature regulation is compromised
* Sanitize then prepare needed vaccine doses into vials in an appropriate time frame. Do not draw more than 1 dose at a time
* Ensure drawn syringes are properly labeled, organized, stored away from light or heat
* Set a designated filled syringe next to the designated spaces timer and set it for 20 minutes
* Each timer will be designated to a certain spot
* Obtain syringe and vaccine spaces designated timer which has been set to 20 minutes. Timer is set to 20 minutes to allow 5 minutes for administration and then remaining 15 for post observation. Start the timer upon receiving the prepared syringe
* Inspect syringes for proper dosing and proper patient labeling before administration
* Inform patient of administration technique and post observation period
* Administer vaccine and dispose of used syringe in sharps container
* Inform patients of possible adverse side effects and offer assistance of side effects experienced
* Instruct patients to exit the site after they have received their vaccine card
* Monitor patients for the duration of timer and then ensure new patients enter the space in a timely manner
* Complete vaccination cards and provide them to patients
* Have a current LVN/LPN License
* Be a healthy worker who is in the 'low risk' category of contracting COVID-19
* Full time, open availability
* Be able to stand for long periods of time
* Have reliable transportation
* Be a team player
* Valid drivers license
Work Conditions:
* Full-time
* Work hours as per schedule, which may change with advance notice. Presence before or after these work hours may be required based on business needs
* Site locations are outside in all weather conditions
* Open rain or shine
* Wear comfortable, moveable, and washable clothing. Scrubs are ideal
* You will be testing patients who may have contracted COVID-19. This means you will be at risk of being infected, however, we will provide all necessary PPE and training to avoid such events from occurring
* RV or Van locations will be outside and will have porta potty access for bathroom use
* Standing for long periods of time
* We test you for Covid your first day and every 20 days thereafter
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