Lead Psychiatrist in Salisbury, Maryland

公司: CrownHills Enterprises Inc
工作种类: Full-time

We are looking for a Psychiatrist to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. What does a psychiatrist do? The top responsibilities of a Psychiatrist include discussing with patients and observing their behaviors to identify mental disorders, determining treatments and prescribing medications. To be considered for this role, you need to be licensed as a Psychiatrist and certified from the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS). Ultimately, you will help patients recover and improve their lives.
* Review patients medical history and collect additional information from family members and psychologists as needed
* Evaluate patients emotional, behavioral and mental state through discussion, observation and analysis
* Identify mental disorders and determine best treatments
* Develop therapy plans
* Prescribe medications
* Analyze medical tests and track patients progress
* Coordinate with healthcare professionals when hospitalization is required
* Advise patients on how to cope with mental diseases and emotional breakdowns
* Support patients loved ones and inform them about the patients condition
* Research medical issues and new medical treatments to update your knowledge on mental healthcare
* Two - Three years adult or child psychiatry experience required
* In-depth knowledge of various psychotherapeutic methods
* Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain medical terms and conditions to a non-medical audience
* Strong observation skills to accurately evaluate patients demeanor and identify symptoms
* A great bedside manner and the ability to remain calm, empathetic and patient while interacting with patients who suffer from severe mental disorders
* Thoughtful and compassionate
* MD or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
* $187.50- $190 per hour
* Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
* Retirement Plan (401k, IRA)
This is a Part-time, Full-time or Telemedicine position. This position is a 5 year contract.
Please call or email me with any questions so we can discuss this position in detail.
(410)630-1376 - Dr. Olayinka Olufidipe

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