Human Resources Specialist

Company: Cambie Roofing & Drainage Contractors Ltd.
Job type: Full-time
Salary: CAD 39 / Hour
Industry: Construction

Company Introduction:


Cambie Roofing is family owned and operated company specialized in roofing and drainage industry for half a century. Each employee in our team carries our family tradition - a commitment to excellence. We dedicate to provide excellent new construction, re-roofing, repair and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our installations are under the Roofing Constructors Association of BC (RCABC) standards, and we manage risks in accordance with WCB regulations.   


In order to deliver work in a high quality manner, we recruited plenty of employees and contractors. Corresponding, we realize the importance of building a comprehensive human resource management system to ensure the efficiency within our organization. Therefore, we are actively hiring an experienced hr specialist to join and direct our hr team to turn this huge program from paper to reality.


Basic Information:

Company Operating Name: Cambie Roofing & Drainage Contractors Ltd.

Job Title: Human Resources Specialist

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $ 39 /hour

Work Hours: 40 hours per week

Work Location: 1367 East Kent Ave N, Vancouver, BC V5X 4T6


Your main responsibilities will include:

l Overview company’s existing human resource management policies, procedures and programs; suggest modifications according to upgraded government regulations and company’s operational objectives;

l Research and develop a comprehensive employees training program, including basic working standards, skill advanced workshops and continuously optimize the program with the employees’ feedback and their performance;

l Manage and mediate labour relationships in term of labor disputes and grievances; report to the senior management about employee matters and assist the management to properly address the issues with discretion; 

l Collect employees’ demands and requirements, negotiate as the represent of the company to achieve preferable deals in collective negotiations; assist upper management to develop the contracts with contractor emphasized in duties, welfare and performance appraisal aspects;

l Conduct research in term of employee welfare, including but limited to wages, benefits, health plan and safety protection program, suggest changes to management according to competitors’ and industry practices;

l Advise the senior management regarding hiring strategies, assist other hr personnel performing screening and recruiting procedures;

l Inform employees of company’s regulations and work delivered rulings, such as roof and drainage systems construction procedures; inspire labour by introducing compensation package and salary bonus based on performance;

l Collect recruiting requests from different departments and collaborate with them to prepare detailed job descriptions and interview questions; develop performance and competency appraisal standards and measures for employees from various departments;




We expect you to have these qualifications:

1. At least a bachelor’s degree is required; major or minor in business administration or management is preferred;

2. Minimum 5 years experience in the field of human resource department;

3. Able to maintain confidentiality and establish a high level of trust and credibility while managing sensitive information;

4. Proficient with MS Office Suite and standard office equipment to generate, access, and disseminate information;

5. Excellent communication, coordination, negotiation and dispute resolution skills;

6. High level of responsibility and professionalism, able to handle work-related stress;


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