Food and Beverage Supervisor

Job type: Full-time
Industry: Travel & Tourism

Food and Beverage Supervisor

STED Co Ltd - Hotel Argento


Making sure our guests are having a great time in our outlets by delivering excellent service. Making sure that buffets, bar and kitchen back office are always replenished, stocked, and cleaned. 

  • Manage 100 % of the operation of the restaurant and bar department.
  • Control and ensure compliance with the daily and monthly inventory procedure for crockery, glassware, cutlery, center pieces, decorations.
  • Control and ensure the reporting procedure, monitoring your department's general report…
  • Control and ensure the procedure of preventive maintenance, deep cleaning, machines within the bar department.
  • Provide everything related to the status of their menus, liquor menus, promotions from their department.
  • Ensure the performance tests of the different machines, dosing machines, concentrates, etc. 
  • Ensure compliance with their operation check list.
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene and safety regulations. 

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